Forja - Epic Folk Metal


LP 2017

Forja - El llibre dels feyts
  • L'Home i la Història
  • Els Bons Homes
  • Muret
  • Infància
  • Llarga Vida al Rei!
  • Jaume I
  • Aurembiaix
  • El Conqueridor
  • Ales Negres
  • Plany d'Occitània
  • La Fi del Camí
  • El Llibre dels Fets
  • Desperta Ferro! (Bonus Track)

Available at BandCamp

Record and master at AXtudio Barcelona (2017)


EP 2015

Forja - Tornant de la batalla
  • Anant a la Batalla
  • Tornant de la Batalla
  • El Foc
  • Víbria
  • Rancúnia

Available at BandCamp

Lyrics - Translation (ESP) - Translation (ENG)

Record and master at AXtudio Barcelona (2015)


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Past Shows

Date Venue
28/02/2020Barcelona - MonasterioForja  Barcelona
22/02/2020Lyon - Rock and eatForja  Lyon
20/12/2019Outlaw Fest, Santa Cristina d'Aro - Mas MarcóForja Outlaw Fest Santa Cristina d'Aro
14/12/2019Mollerusa - Sala OneForja  Mollerusa
07/12/2019Barcelona - MonasterioForja  Barcelona
23/11/2019Metal for Mercy, Witten (Germany) - The FamousForja Metal for Mercy Witten (Germany)
22/11/2019Geleen (Netherlands) - Café de MeisterForja  Geleen (Netherlands)
21/11/2019Lens (Belgium) - Titans ClubForja  Lens (Belgium)
02/11/2019Sedaví (València) - Paberse MataoForja  Sedaví (València)
26/10/2019Terrassa - InfiernoForja  Terrassa
12/10/2019Madrid - BarracudasForja  Madrid
28/09/2019Igualada - Rec on FireForja  Igualada
29/06/2019Puig-Reig - Festa dels templersForja  Puig-Reig
11/05/2019Decavern Vol.2, Vilanova i la Geltrú - Nau del FerrocarrilForja Decavern Vol.2 Vilanova i la Geltrú
30/03/2019Portugalete (Euskadi) - GrooveForja  Portugalete (Euskadi)
29/03/2019Zaragoza (Aragón) - DPch RockForja  Zaragoza (Aragón)
22/03/2019MetalCatFest, Barcelona - Razzmatazz 2Forja MetalCatFest Barcelona
15/12/2018Terrassa - The cavernForja  Terrassa
09/11/2018Hellboi Fest, Sant Boi de Llobregat - Can Massallera
03/11/2018Salou - Garage
26/10/2018MaquisFest, Sallent - Era de la torreForja MaquisFest Sallent
15/09/2018Mercat Música Viva, Vic - Plaça de la PietatForja Mercat Música Viva Vic
14/09/2018Festa Major, Campdevànol -
24/07/2018Metal Days, Tolmin - SloveniaForja Metal Days Tolmin
20/07/2018Marseille (France) - Molotov
30/06/2018Barcelona - New Underground
25/05/2018Alzira (València) - La Calle Club
28/04/2018La Bisbal D'Empordà - L'Alternativa
07/04/2018Reus - Sala Japan
02/03/2018Barcelona - UploadForja  Barcelona
23/12/2017Neula Rock, Vilanova i la Geltrú - Foment VilanoviForja Neula Rock Vilanova i la Geltrú
04/11/2017Terrassa - Ragnarock
03/11/2017Salou - Garage
20/10/2017Vic - PasternakForja  Vic
07/10/2017Sabadell - BreakoutForja  Sabadell
14/01/2017WinterFest III, Barcelona - Razzmatazz 2Forja WinterFest III Barcelona
18/06/2016Terrassa - InfiernoForja  Terrassa
11/06/2016Manlleu - La Grange
16/04/2016Barcelona - MonasterioForja  Barcelona
09/04/2016IberFolk Festival, Zaragoza - Auditorio InterpeñasForja IberFolk Festival Zaragoza
05/03/2016Trollwar Festival, Reus - ThomanForja Trollwar Festival Reus
19/12/2015Barcelona - Upload
13/06/2015Kanya!!!, Manlleu - La Grange Rock ClubForja Kanya!!! Manlleu
21/03/2015Manresa - BaobabForja  Manresa
14/03/2015Boca Grossa, Sant Cugat del Vallés - Stage TeatreForja Boca Grossa Sant Cugat del Vallés
15/02/2014Cerdanyola - Heaven and Hell
01/02/2014Manlleu - RockHouse Osona
14/12/2013Esparreguera - Abadia KlandestinaForja  Esparreguera
09/11/2013Puig Metal X, Terrassa - Faktoria d ArtsForja Puig Metal X Terrassa
14/09/2013Festa Solidaria Coraceros MC, Cardedeu - Pavelló PoliesportiuForja Festa Solidaria Coraceros MC Cardedeu
07/09/2013CastellHell Fest V, Castellvell del Camp - Poliesportiu MunicipalForja CastellHell Fest V Castellvell del Camp
17/08/2013BattleRoyale 2 (Final), Reus - TomanForja BattleRoyale 2 (Final) Reus
20/07/2013BattleRoyale 2 (Semi Final), Barcelona - BóvedaForja BattleRoyale 2 (Semi Final) Barcelona
06/07/2013Sabadell - Dark FaktoryForja  Sabadell
28/06/2013Festa Major, Terrassa - BauhouseForja Festa Major Terrassa
06/04/2013Terrassa - Pub ClerksForja  Terrassa














Forja is a folk metal band singing in Catalan language. It was created in 2012 by Martí; the vocalist. In no time, the project starts to get shape and with the help of the rest of the band, they manage to record a demo with a power metal sound altogether with folk elements as a result.

In 2015, after a Line-up change, they enter the studio to record the EP "Tornant de la Batalla", with a better production and leaving behind the Power Metal facet for a completely Folk Metal sound. In 2017, the band is working on the production of the first LP entitled "El Llibre dels Feyts"; a concept album with a more consolidated style than their previous works.


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